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Some Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes To Kick Off The Football Season

The newest casino to come to Elko, Nevada, makes up for its small size (it’s in an old IGA grocery store building) with a fairly respectable restaurant within its walls. The Grill, as it is called, has roughly the same amount of seating as its rivals Red Lion and Stockmen’s, but not as much as […]

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Slow Cooker And The ‘Keep Warm Option’ – A Fantastic Combination

For many years, I’ve been making the mistake of assuming that what I’d been served in Cyprus is Greek cuisine. It’s good food, chicken stroganoff pasta some items are similar to the kind of thing you’d find in Greece. But, due to the strong Turkish influence on the island, some dishes are about as Greek […]

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A Low Fat Curry Recipe Using Curry Oxo Cubes

While in Kissimmee, Florida, we craved Indian food. We checked out several listings in the area chicken korma bbc recipe decided to try India Diner, east of our hotel on 192 W. Highway. I took along the advertisement that was in a restaurant coupon book. It stated it was by marker 14 and had a […]

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4Th Of July Chicken Marinade Recipe!

Ever since I was a kid, we’ve gone to my aunt’s beautiful home on the Fourth of July for an annual picnic. My aunt and uncle always make a special effort to make their guests feel welcome, and it is always a fun, relaxing holiday. There is always a lot to do – volleyball, games, […]

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Chinese Cuisine – Beijing Roast Duck

How can one expect someone to stay fit when they are surrounded by amazing restaurants and fine cuisines while on their vacation? It can’t possibly be asked of someone to ignore such delicious distractions. With dishes such as refreshing appetizers of Gazpacho in Spain, noodles combined with sliced duck breast and scallions in Japan and […]

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