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Frugal Friday: Cooking And Crafting For Kids

Break that crockpot out of the cupboard more often. Do not use it just to make stews and soups; you can use crockpots to make dips, sauces and all sorts of appetizers. One of the best things about making meatballs in the crockpot is they stay moist and tender. You can even serve them directly […]

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27 juillet 2017 ~ 0 Commentaire

Get Vocal : Learn To Sing

(1) Stop looking for personalities and stories, start looking for the best singers. Although there is more to a good performer than his or her voice, Idol started letting through inferior singers who had « personality » and cutting off good vocalists who may have needed a bit more charisma, but would have picked it up with […]

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Making A Delicious Crockpot Beef Stew

Buying store brand products is a good way to save money, and I’ve found five Kroger brand foods that are every bit as good as their name brand counterparts. I consider myself pretty thrifty, but I’ll only buy a store brand if it’s comparable in quality to its more expensive competition; I won’t buy something […]

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